Current Teaching

Asian-Pacific Arts, Music and Literature (CSUDH)

Filipinx Experience (CSUDH)

Asian-Pacific Values and Communication (CSUDH)

Contemporary Issues in Asian American Communities (CSUDH)

Asian Popular Culture and Globalization (CSUDH)

The Jazz Age (CSUDH)

Humanities Graduate Seminar: Music in the City (CSUDH)

Fundamentals of Music (LMU 2011-2016)

Sociology of Music (Loyola Marymount University–Spring 2015)

Introduction to World Music Cultures (LMU 2010-2015)

Global Popular Music and American Diversity (LMU 2013-2016)

Introduction to Asian American Popular Music (CSUDH)

Cultural Pluralism: Asian American Communities (CSUDH)

Southeast Asian Americans: Culture, History, and Identity (CSUDH)

Global Popular Music: Identity and Social Change (CSUDH 2011-2012)

Core Concepts: Death and Dying (CSUDH 2011-2014)

Key Movements: The Age of Jazz (CSUDH 2012-2013)

Music of Asia (Tufts University, Spring 2008; Spring and Summer 2009)

Asian American Music (Tufts University, Fall 2008)

Music Around the World (UCLA, Spring 2006 and Spring 2007)

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